Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Mini Sewing Vacation

I have a dear friend that lives in Wheaton, Illinois. She got offered the use timeshare condo in Wisconsin Dells which happens to be half way between here and there. Only catch, it was short notice. Fortunately for me, I have plenty of free time.

So we met there on Wednesday afternoon. I hauled videos, cutting matt, sewing machine, fabric and much, much more. In the process I got a personal tutorial on how to make bias binding – great for my chenille blanket habit! And I learned how to make mitered corners on blankets. Both will be useful skills to have in the near future.

I did a little hand work on my current patchwork project. My friend helped me solve some of the issues I was having with it. She was invaluable in giving tips to help me through my new-found hobby. We chatted, watched movies, cooked and ate!

We did a little looking and shopping – and were very inspired by some of the quilting we saw! It was a wonderful get-away. I’m so thankful for respites like that.

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