Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Maybe Bags are My Thing

I thought that would do it for my bag endeavors for a while. But then I had this light bulb go on in my head! Some time back a friend gave me a dress her mom had sent her that she wasn’t using and although I wasn’t really thinking I would wear it, she passed it on to me. She asked for it back or to pass it along, if I didn’t want it.

I had toyed with making it into two little girl dresses for the two oldest ones I live with, but that wasn’t happening either. Then it came to me! Another bag!

This is another modification of the 6-pocket bag. I think it turned out darn cute - almost too cute to give away. But it became a birthday gift for the gal who gave it to me originally. I hope her mom doesn’t mind.

She did say when I gave it to her, “I love how you up-cycled this!”

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Tony Beach said...

You were right. It did turn out very cute. Love it!