Friday, January 20, 2012

Grandma’s Mystery Bag

My friend Annette is a fabulous crafter, especially in the area of soft crafts. She had reupholstered many a chair, she quilts, and makes tons of various sewn items like baby blankets and home decor for family and friends.

In late December she sent out a challenge to a few female friends and all her sisters and sisters-in-law. It was to make a hand bag in the style of one she had found among the items in her grandmother’s trunk. She figured out how it was made and made one herself. The challenge was that she wasn’t showing us what it looked like, we just follow step by step instructions photographing each part to prove we are ready for the next step.

First step: gather materials needed. Second step: cut two squares of coordinating material and sew then together so they make a big two sided square.

Step three: make the circular straps.

Step four: sew corner casings and sew the strap right in as you go.

Voila! A big o’ bag! I think it looks like a beach bag or a knitting bag. (I don’t knit.) Or it’d be great for carrying those picnic items out to the park. Since I used canvas type material it turned out much different than the original one looked.

I will still add vintage buttons that my friend will send to match the style. Not quite sure what I’ll use it for though.

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