Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just a Few Photos of My Trip to Minnesota

I got to meet the new Lang girls!
Got to see David, and "old" friend I haven't seen in ages!
The Runion Men
The Paulsen family - they had been teaching at Daystar earlier this year for 5 months.
Kathy and the little guys, August and Andreas
Josie in her art studio - too cool!
Jones kids!
Jones girls love to dance! They will fit in just fine in Africa.
Breakfast the Birchwood Cafe with Jennifer and Paula
Holding the Piper Twins! What fun!
Hans with a stunned squirrel
Most of the "nieces" in the kanga dresses I made them (plus Iain).
Cheryl, Me and Sue at Faith Presbyterian, Minnetonka
Owen and Daystar exchange student, Karan at Bethel


briant said...

nice pics!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, Jan! And I really want a Kanga dress!!! Same color. Could I commission you to make one for me?

SpringSnoopy said...

Been out of the FB- and blogging-loop for a few months, but how wonderful to see pics of your trip and hear all your fun, insightful cultural-comparison stories! Welcome back to your other home, and I hope jet lag leaves soon.

clminn said...

Great photos! What a lot of memories and alot of visits! You really were on the move. Fun to see them all together!