Saturday, November 6, 2010

Definitely Suffering Jet Lag

I arrived back in Nairobi safely about 48 hours ago. I had absolutely no jet-lag when I landed in Minnesota 6 weeks ago. It’s never happened to me before. Not so with the return. I’m just propping myself up for a bit longer to try to straighten out the fatigue.

I’d like to take a poll. For those readers that have done some international travel, what do you think it most challenging going from east to west or vice versa? Or is it harder going away from home, or back home? What about north south?

Weigh in, let me know. Please identify yourself if you are a new commenter.


Jon said...

Jan, definitely East West (ie, Africa to North America) for me is where the jet lag hits me, i think its the light/ dark cycles in NA. This time to Japan-- no problem West to East. I think it also depends on how long flying, time zones changes and how long on lay overs. Of course many factors. Jon Juu

Josh Harper said...

For me it is always and intensely West to East (ie. US to Europe or Africa). It took me over a week to get over jet-lag when I was at Daystar in 09, but when I left, there was almost no jet-lag.

clminn said...

For me: Us to Europe/Africa. I have always arrived in the morning there.
Last time to Africa, I took Melatonin and it must have helped because I woke in the night, and went right back to sleep!

Donna said...

Definitely east to west is harder. Sunlight does help, though, in resetting the body's clock.