Saturday, July 10, 2010

What I Do, Part 1

I realized the other day after talking with a friend from home that I say very little here about my work. It’s some of the most fulfilling work I’ve done, though.

I work in an office, but it’s far from routine, especially this time of year. While all those of you in North America are slowing down and starting to go on vacation and such, our little department is gearing up.

I’m attached to the Daystar University (DU) department called Resource Mobilization, the fancy term for fund-raising. It includes welcoming visitors to the university who may be donors, or visiting faculty or staff, etc. Since DU has graduation around the second or third Saturday of June every year, we usually expect visitors at that time.

It’s not our only time of year to get visitors, but it’s the biggest concentration of them. And they include the Daystar US director and usually at least one board member, among others. There are always a number of items that need to be readied for these visitors. Not only getting any repairs done for our guest houses, but usually schedules to set for where our guests will visit and arranging all the transportation for it.

All these things are ‘duties’ I enjoy. I have to admit that there are some frustrations because getting things done is sometimes different or challenging in a culture other than your own. That’s because my expectations are so ingrained that even though I know it will take longer, it can be frustrating to have everything pile up at the last minute.

Still, we love visitors. So hosting them is a pleasure. Getting ready for them is all part of the process.

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