Friday, November 20, 2009

Forced Vacation

I’d love to stay and continue with my duties, but the immigration department of my ‘country away from home’ is still dragging their feet. It would be especially nice to stick around since the US Director of Daystar is arriving on Dec 2nd. (I'd like to be better prepared for the visit.) But since my visitor’s status is about to run out, I will be leaving the East African region the day after American Thanksgiving.

I’ll just be gone for a week, visiting some long-time friends in the United Arab Emirates (UAE); resting, reading, taking a little touristy break from the hubbub in Nairobi.

If you are inclined, please pray that I will come back to a Class E Work Permit ready and waiting to be stamped into my passport. Also please pray for safe travel to a part of the world I have never been to before.

I appreciate your support.


Wendy Johnson said...

Sorry to hear you have to leave when it's not the best time but will pray for a good, enjoyable rest and that you'll be granted the appropiate visa.

SpringSnoopy said...

Will b praying, Jan!! I do hope there is peace in body & heart during this 'forced vacation.' :)