Friday, October 30, 2009

My Mechanic

If you would like to meet Mr. JLB Matekoni in the flesh, you’ll come close with Henry Kioko Ngue, my mechanic. A week and a half ago Henry changed my oil in his brother-in-law’s driveway while I visited with his brother and sister-in-law. (Henry’s wife, Alice and her sister, Mwikali are across-the-hall neighbors.) I’ve know this family for years. In fact, Alice and I were roommates when she was engaged to Henry. I was in their wedding. (It’s my claim to fame in their house. I always get introduced to other guests by being pointed-out in the wedding picture that hangs on the stair wall.)

After he finished my oil change, I asked Henry about the wet floor on the driver’s side. He inspected it and discovered the windscreen (windshield) seal was leaking! Now that it’s rainy season, it should be taken care of. Henry picked me up at 7 this morning, dropped me at work because it was raining again and went to town to have the seal replaced with a promise of being back by 11. He and the people replacing the windscreen discovered that the part that holds the windscreen in place was completely weathered away. One good jerk through a monstrous pothole and I could have had the whole thing pop out!

Henry finally arrived back at Daystar at 5:10 PM. Poor thing. It looks as if my windscreen is band-aided on to the car. I’m supposed to drive gingerly and keep away from rough roads for the next 48 hours. Yeah, right.

But Henry loves his work and if you get him talking about anything – it’ll be the workings of a car. And I am so very thankful for Henry!

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