Friday, November 27, 2009

Giving Thanks for Dear Friends

Although Pauline 'threatened' to take photos of the food, we all forgot about cameras until we had finished eating and were in our turkey stupors. I realized this morning again how much I love Thanksgiving because of it's non-commercial aspect. A special thanks to my Brother Dan and sister-in-law, Marcy for making my last Thanksgiving in the States such a memorable one!

Here's the whole crew that was at my house. Left to right:

Kate, Wamuyu (Pauline's cousin), Diane S, Lindsey, Justin B, Marta B, Deborah M, Danny M, David M. Down in front (L to R) is little Zadi S, Imani B, and housemate Pauline. (Matching last initials are families.)

We enjoyed good food and fellowship. Some of the friends around the table are folks I've known for 15 or 17 years!

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