Monday, October 5, 2009

Virtual Tour

Hi, I thought my readers might like a little tour of my flat. It's what I would call a 'luxury' apartment. But that's about all there is nowadays here. I wish it were different. That is all they are building seems like. This one is not quite two years old. And actually, it wasn't really finished well or completely. I have been getting some things done for the landlord, like wiring some rooms or getting a plumber to fix a tap.
Okay this is the livingroom view from the front entry area. Right behind me is the little guest half bath. (I didn't take a photo of it.) So this is to the left when you enter and the dining room it to the right. I've stepped to the next corner of the livingroom and turned around to shoot a photo of the dining room below.
This is looking back at the living room again. The curtains on the back wall open out to a little patio.These two are looking into the kitchen from its door. Yes, those are some kind of stone counter tops, marble or ganite. The second view shows a bit of the fridge door, a bit of the open pantry door and the far door is a sort of laundry room. (sorry, not photo out there either.)
Below is the still-in-process guest room. Don't let the bright colors keep you from visiting. I usually give out my room and sleep here when I have guests. The walls need help.
This one is the master bedroom (my room). I'm standing in the sort of walk-in (through) closet area.This one is standing by the bed looking over to where the last shot was taken, you can see one of the four closets there.
Now back over in that closet area looking into the bathroom. Below that is a detail shot of the black iron and green fabric shelf in there. I designed it and made the fabric parts of it.I have should take some of the outside during the day. We kind of have our own little space outside because of being on the bottom corner of the building.

Come and visit! You are most welcome, karibu!

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Anonymous said...

You're gonna get spoiled with all that counter space in your kitchen! :-)

It looks really nice, Jan. You always know how to make houses into homes.