Monday, August 10, 2009

What do Adult Orphans Look Like?

Today I was part of a small panel that was asked to interview work study applicants to the University, specifically to hear about their plights as orphans in an effort to determine there need level. Probably each one could have been a riveting story of what happened in their particular circumstances. Some of them had their parents death certificates stapled to their application. Of those attached, not one that I read was by a car accident. That is something I would think claims a high percentage of lives. No, several I read were deaths caused by tuberculosis. TB is totally curable, I think. (Docs reading, correct me if I’m wrong.)

Others who lost their parents weren’t specific about what claimed the life. But it starts to become apparent. One young man first lost each of his siblings, both younger and his mother and finally his father. I tried for just a moment to imagine the feelings inside that drives such a person. I just can't imagine.

I really never thought of what an adult orphan looked like (except for me). These young people are depending on the kindness of relatives, sometimes siblings or aunts and uncles. Often besides the person losses, they carry the pressure that they are now a burden to others.

May God give the grace needed to each to carry on and become the servant leaders for which they are training.

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Jac said...

So sad. Yes, TB is very curable, and I suspect the TB deaths are due to underlying HIH AIDS, sigh, but so much stigma i attatched to the disease it's 'embarassing' to come out and admit it was the cause of death.

I hope and pray these driven young adults get the means to an education as quite often they will probably be the ones taking on the bread winner role for the family (tough role in itself for a young person, I've been there!), sigh. It's hard but I pray most, if not all of them get something fruitful out of their applications.