Friday, December 12, 2008

A Walk Down My Own Memory Lane - Part 6

One of the most fascinating things we found when searching Mom's things was a whole stack of "love letters" my mom wrote while engaged to my dad from a cross country trip to her sister's wedding in LA.

It sounded like she was traveling with her mom, younger sister and brother. My mom wrote a note daily to dad as they took the train to Cody, Wyoming. There they were picked up by her father and traveled by car the rest of the way.

In one of the letters Mom said she was enclosing photos. But those weren't with the letters when me found them (sixty years later). However, I think this photo may have been take in Cody on that trip.

I wish I could scan and post all the letters. Mom wrote on scrap paper and diner menus. Several of the envelopes were decorated with my mom's sketches. She was not too mushy in her words - but you can tell she was in love.

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