Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Walk Down My Own Memory Lane - Part 2

When I imagine the life of my parents as young people, it's dreamy - like a movie. My father was the son of a brick layer. It was the trade he was trained in. But as he dated my mom, her father thought it would be better for my dad to have an office job. So he hired him to work for his electrical contracting company.

My dad spent his entire career as the purchasing agent for Industrial Electric Co. He retired in the early 90's after 30-some years of service in the same little office on Portland and Eighth downtown.

I imagine this photo was taken early on in that job to show off the the blue collar relatives his prestigious desk job.

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Grace Lee said...

You know how some offices have a directory or a rogue's gallery (as Mom would say) on their wall of the important workers? I think that's the origin of this picture.