Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Comparing – Road Trips

I am down in Madison for a short visit to the Care of Creation Headquarters here. It’s about a 4 and a half hour drive to “Mad City”. I left early in the morning to make the best use of the days. On the way I noted several differences between this kind of trip and a similar journey in Kenya. Here are my observations:

US: smooth roads, light traffic.
KE: potholes, vehicles at all kinds of speeds from trucks at 20 miles an hour to Mercedes at 90 miles an hour

US: no fear of passing on a hill on a divided highway.
KE: expecting whatever might come up!

US: slow rising sun in my eyes for what seemed like ages
KE: quick sun up or sundown

US: gas at $2.29 a gallon
KE: gas at $5.90 a gallon

US: concrete wayside rests
KE: colorful scenic overlooks with plenty of dusty trinkets to purchase

US: not one human being to be seen from the freeway
KE: people everywhere along the road, and sometimes darting across

US: trees (indigenous forests) and jet streams
KE: bare land and the occasional buzzard

US: road repair signs for miles ahead, orange cones and lighted arrows
KE: rocks in the road without warning, possibly some green leafy branches in the road as a warning of something ahead

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