Friday, February 17, 2012

Pondering College

You would think that my days of choosing a good college to attend would be long over. But the fact is it’s a subject that comes up periodically, perhaps in many people’s lives. Since it seems that the best step for me to move forward now is to finish a BA in something, I started looking at schools. Before you think me completely uneducated, I do have an associate degree in Bible from way back when.

It would appear that more and more places overseas would be more sympathetic to granting me a visa if I just had the degree to prove I’m knowledgeable. I hate to think how much more I know than the average graduate of many colleges. But life experience and a working knowledge of Swahili don’t always count for much on paper.

I took my little ol’ Bible degree to our two well known Christian colleges here in the Twin Cities and ran them both through the paces for their adult education programs. I hoped that one of them would float to the top with flying colors to make my chose easy. It didn’t happen.

They are neck and neck in every way. And the only way to find out who could offer me more financial help is to go ahead and apply to both. It’s a process, but we shall see how it all shakes out after the final analysis of transcripts and financial aid eligibility.

I’m actually starting to warm up to the idea of hitting the books again.

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