Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I like it, but each piece gets smaller

My third creation of chenille is even smaller than Sample 1 and Take 2. I had taken apart one of those microwavable rice bags because it had collected dust in my attic over the past few years and was making me cough whenever it was heated. I just needed to refill it. In the process, I got thinking how it would be nice to have a rice bag with one side thicker than the other so as not to burn you when it first comes out of the microwave.

What a better way than chenille on one side? I’m very happy with the results and the process helped me understand how to do chenille that could be used in something else – like a part of a quilt or maybe something I haven’t thought of yet.

My main goal in the first piece I made was to determine if I could do it and if I liked doing this enough to make something the size of a throw blanket or a baby quilt. I thought it was funny that each project gets smaller and smaller. I’m working up to it, little by littler.

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