Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Up in the Attic

Yesterday I had a moment where I was in a state of extreme dislike of my current circumstances for one reason and one reason only. I could not put my hands on my overseas cell phone. (I had offered to loan it to a friend for a trip they were going on to England and Scotland.) I was pretty sure it was in the attic of my house. I had seen it among my things when I got back from traveling with Afrizo this fall and I don’t need it in the US so I was pretty sure I had stashed it there and not with me.

But I searched my increasingly disarrayed attic in vain. I decided it must be at home. So I went back to my small well organized room and searched every possible drawer, basket, box and bin. Nope. I dashed off to meet an acquaintance for coffee as planned, so upset with myself for not being able to find it. I fixed that I would pop back in at the attic for one last look before going over to pick up the traveling family to take them to the airport.

Eureka! I found it in a few moments. One box, unmarked and therefore earlier overlooked was where it was. I was glad to get it in time, but it wasn’t going to them charged up. Never mind. They were grateful and said they’d charge it in the airport on the way.

The experience speaks to my constant state of flux and how disdainful it is to me. I haven’t lived in my house for over 4 years. I used to have the attic so organized that I could picture the whereabouts of anything I needed. But it’s been stirred a bit recently due to a leaky roof and some items arriving there while I was away.

So today I spent about 3 hours putting it all to rights. It’s straightened, things are tucked back away and I created a little elbow room by filling a trunk or box that were emptied. I again have a picture in my mind of where items I might need are. I feel so much better now. Let’s see if that amount of organization has a lasting effect on my general state of flux.

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