Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from me...

Every year, growing up, my mom would create a piece of artwork for our family Christmas card. She inspires me even though she’s been gone for six Christmases now. This is my attempt at a rendering of an early 17th Century Ethiopian icon of Mary and Jesus. I hope that your season’s celebrations are filled with the awe of the coming of the Savior and all that he brings to the redemption and meaning of our lives.

As you know I spent the last three months on Afrizo tour. It went well and the team returned safely to Kenya. We all agreed it was a successful trip and we grew from the experience. The tour raised about $250,000 for scholarships for Daystar University. My work with Daystar US is nearly finished, though I’m still receiving support through Daystar.

During this time of transition I am now seeking God for what He has next for me. There are several possibilities before me – I could go back to school, back to a different African country, or go elsewhere in the world. Recently I enquired about joining a short term team to Ethiopia this spring. This will be a good step toward investigating something tangible. All these options sound intriguing and are of interest, but I really need to see God’s clear hand in directing me for the next step, so I would appreciate your prayers for the future.

I’m still reachable by phone at 612-462-2077 (text or voice), my email remains the same; and my snail mail goes to my house 2514 12th Ave. S., Mpls, MN 55404 even though I’m not staying there at the moment. (Let me know if you’re mailing something urgent.)

I’d love to see folks over the next few months, so please contact me so we can get together if you are in the Twin Cities.

May you see evidence of Immanuel (God with us) this season, Jan

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