Wednesday, June 29, 2011

44 Cents of Fun

One of the challenges of coming back ‘home’ is that everyone’s lives are already filled with tons of busyness and it’s hard to fit into it all. So, I’ve had to put on a sort of creative thinking cap to come up with ways to weave my life back into that of some of the people I know love me, but just aren’t used to me being around.

I’m volunteered to help a bit with a huge fundraiser garage sale. I have poured myself into fixing and cleaning the missionary apartment (not really social). I’ve just showed up at offices or small groups. Most of the time these methods of finding fellowship have been successful.

This week I was talking with a girlfriend that is on the other side of town. I’ve seen her and her brood a couple of times and we talk often, but I don’t get to really spend time with her, at least not yet. Last week I told her about the recipe I was trying for this bake sale. I’d eaten it before but this was my first attempt to make the recipe. As I described it to her over the phone she thought it sounded yummy and asked me to send her the recipe sometime.

Part of being in transition means I have a little trouble with short term memory. I did however manage to remember her request, I typed up the recipe in order to send it to her. But I then realized that she doesn’t get on the computer very often with her busy life and I even wondered if when she did she had a printer nearby.

I printed it out and mailed it. As in snail mail! Does anyone even do that anymore? I know we all seem to collect mail from the box, but what’s out there? Usually ads or bills. Who ever get something really fun in the mail?

I hope this will cheer her the way a handwritten note from a friend who moved to Ohio while I was gone cheered me this week. All that for 44 cents! And if you do it right you might even get to lick an envelope.

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