Sunday, January 23, 2011

The New Year Resolved

Well, I missed what sounds like my most interesting class on Friday due to some silly case of food poisoning. The class: Art and Culture. I hope the teacher is understanding of the very incapacitated state I was in.

Due to this state I also missed church today. And for one reason or another it’s been challenging to get there. Since lying on the couch was about all I could do, I listened to a sermon I had on my iPod by John Piper. I’m sure I’ve listened to it before. But his words are so full of Bible that they never grow old of being repeated.

He was urging a bunch of young people at Passion 2000 (I think) to not waste their lives, but live for something beyond themselves. Oh how I needed to hear that myself! Even though I am a missionary, I have a tendency towards a small view of things. I am sure that I do some things that are big to our students every day. I don’t focus on that, instead I get lost in the things that aren’t going right.

There is something about the way in which JP preaches that helps me see God again, focus on the Cross, and see the insignificance of me in the whole scheme of things. I think this is the break I needed for the New Year, the new beginning. The takes the ‘edginess’ off. It gives the point of reference or goal to move forward in.

I may have missed doing it right on New Year’s Day, but I am starting to feel much better about the direction I’m going this year. It has to be all about God.

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