Friday, October 8, 2010

American Auto Etiquette

One glaring difference in driving between here and there is how you go about things. Today as I sat in a line of cars at a very long light I thought about doing a U-turn right over the median to get back to back on the road I had recently turned off of because it was taking too long. I didn’t do it – but I certainly thought about doing it.

Then this evening as I was on the freeway during the evening rush hour in what is known as “slow and go” traffic I held up a bit to let someone merge in ahead of me. I was a bit offended when that driver didn’t wave at me out the window or give me a thumbs-up. That’s what a polite driver in Nairobi would do to say thank you for being let in.

So far I have been trying to suspend my judgments on traffic behavior here and see what happens, I hope I don’t get too used to it here and forget about what happens there. In the meantime, I’m relearning the traffic rules.


Crystal said...

I get annoyed when people don't thank me too when I let them in.. I try to give waves. You'd think the minnesota nice would kick in and we'd at least get a nod or something :)

actually.. have you ever watched brian regan at all? he has a funny little bit about this very topic..

By the way.. i enjoyed spending time with you at Panera during the DG conference!

Anonymous said...

Jan I think that MN drivers have just become more rude and entitled, as the culture has become more so. I used to be surprised when I would visit from CA and drivers were always so polite. Like Bono said so many years ago on Boy " I cant change the world, but I change the world i me". SO I just try to be a kind to others driver (instead of giving the finger, in my mind of course :) )