Thursday, January 14, 2010


I don't know what are the contributing factors are, but this devastating earthquake in Haiti makes me very sad, beyond what I can say. My touches of Haiti are few and very far between. But it's been such a poor desolate place for so long, that this additional damage seems hard to take.

I don't know anyone personally who lives or works there at the moment. I just know that if you were to look at the island of Hispaniola from Google Earth, you would see the island Haiti shares with the Dominican Republic is half naked, all vegetation is gone. Now, as if to rub salt in a horrible wound, a shattering earthquake demolishes so much of what is left.

The problem of what to do there was already hard, and would feel like a drip in a leaky bucket. Now it's far worse. All I can do from here is pray.

There is plenty we can do, some are listed at the DG blog.


Tina said...

Sweet, Jan. I pray that you are finding our faithful Lord your song in the night and your strength in the day. I am sorry to hear about your flood. Thank you for your writing about Haiti.
Good night,

Paul Merrill said...

Hey Jan. Thanks for what you are doing in Kenya. (My wife & I lived for 5 years there with Wycliffe. Now I'm working for Wycliffe's The Seed Company.)

May God bless you as you influence the next generation of Kenyans!