Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Evacuation for Renovation

On December 29 the landlord decided to pop in for a look at the damages. In a matter of minutes he decided to paint the entire apartment and refinish all the wood floors, starting the next morning! The contractor promised to be done by Sunday night, January 3. Even in the best of circumstances, I knew that wouldn’t happen. So I packed for a week.

I’m still not back in and being a “refugee” is getting old. I have made periodic stops at the flat to see how it’s going. It’s a bit of a shoddy job, but I shouldn’t expect anything different. It’s a little sad to look at the newly finished floors and see paint drips and smudges that have three coats of clear vanish over them. Also sad to hear the contractor admit the floors are still wet under the parquet and so some of the wood will likely come loose. He’ll fix it later after it’s all dry!

God willing, I can move in tonight, more fully. I am so thankful for dear friends to stay with while I am out of my place. And here’s to hoping for no more floods.

Next job, finding someone who cleans carpets. (Well, that is not counting work stuff.)

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