Friday, December 11, 2009

Pulling out of a Tummy Bug

You know how you tend to get sick after a big push at work, a major volunteer project or some other large event? Well, after the trip to UAE and then having Todd here from the Daystar US office, I lasted exactly one more day and then a nasty stomach bug hit me. It hit so hard I was only out of bed for very short snatches on Thursday.

This morning after consulting Dr. Bruce by text message, I hoisted myself out of bed and went out for the minimum amount of errands. I still hadn’t paid my rent and it’s nearly the middle of the month.

After dashing to two shopping malls – one to get a check made out to my landlord and the other to go to his bank to deposit it, I stopped by a convenient dispensing chemist, where I told them what antibiotic my doctor told me to get, paid and was on my way. There are some perks to living here; prescription drugs without a prescription is one of them.

I really wish I had been in a jolly, Christmas shopping kind of mode because the second mall had a little choir singing Christmas carols that wafted down to where I was queuing at the bank. (It made the long wait on my feet worth it.)

Also there was a Kenyan man dressed up like Santa Claus sitting smack in the middle of the common area. I just caught a glimpse of his dark face peering out from that gleaming white beard and I had to chuckle to myself even though I kept pace to the bank.

Some days you just wish you had a camera.

When I arrived back at my home a little over two hours later, I laid down for a rest. That was the most I had done for over 24 hours. When I got up I had so much energy (mind you, I had only taken one dose of my ten tablets) I decided to start on my Christmas baking. In a few hours time I got one batch of two different kinds done! I’m on my way.

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