Friday, December 4, 2009

Not Exactly What I Expected

This was my first time to really be in a non-western developed country (if I can say it like that). All signs are in both Arabic and English. Most people can speak English. And there are more expatriates than Emiratis in the UAE. A few things I was able to picture ahead of time. But some things were quite surprising.

I was served Tex-Mex food on both of the Air Arabia flights I took.
There are no potholes in the UAE.
Men like to wear cologne.
Arabs really dress like they are depicted in the movies. (I couldn’t shake the feeling I was always at a costume party.)
The malls look just like they do in America.
Sports cars are a popular choice for young men.
It’s less dusty than I thought. There are more trees than I imagined.
There is almost nothing from home that you can’t find. (That includes Diet Pepsi and Tostidos!)

I did expect this:

There are highways through the desert with virtually nothing between towns and fast, fancy SUVs whizzing by.

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