Friday, February 20, 2009

Out of Seattle

I just spent a week in Seattle area. I went to visit my sister, Lee, who is in the hospital there and about 3 hours from her home in Port Angeles, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula. Her situation is improving, however it’s very complicated. We’re hopeful she can return home this weekend. In fact, I left Minneapolis in a big rush on Sunday, February 8 to be with her in her home and since she was still in the hospital when I arrived we hoped I would be driving her home. Neither worked out. But she has a network of friends in PA who will look after what she needs for when she arrives home.

From her hospital lounge I could see Mt Rainier. Not every day was clear but it was visible a good chunk of the week. I lived in a suburb of Seattle for two years while in college. I often visited my sister in PA and I always counted it a privilege when the mountains were visible. On more than one occasion I was on the ferry from the Seattle side to the Peninsula side when it was clear enough to see both Mt Rainier to the south and Mt Baker to the north.

God’s work in creation is absolutely amazing. His majesty is displayed so incredibly in things like mountains. I see his handiwork so clearly there.

Thank you for your continuing prayers for my sister’s health. The improvements I saw the week I was there were a result of your prayers and also God’s hand on her. Bless you.

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