Friday, February 27, 2009

I have News - Here's my Feb Newsletter:

As you know, I’ve been in the States for some months mainly for the purpose of doing additional support raising. However, during this time after much prayer, and godly counseling, I believe the Lord has redirected me to a different ministry. When I return to Kenya, I will be working with Daystar University in Nairobi as their U.S. Communications Coordinator. I am very excited about this new calling. This position is a much better fit for my skills, experience, and personality while keeping my primary heart’s desire: to minister God’s grace and love to the people of Kenya.

Although leaving Care of Creation is sad in many ways, I am pleased to say that being with Daystar in this position will enable me to promote the work of Care of Creation in much broader sense. Care of Creation is very supportive of the change and for that I am grateful and blessed.

Daystar is Kenya’s leading Christian Liberal Arts University with 3,500 students. They offer a variety of undergrad, and graduate degrees mainly in communications and community development. The goal of Daystar is to equip godly leaders for the future and advance God’s kingdom in Africa and the world. My tasks will include such activities as gathering data for U.S. funded projects, creating current scholarship student profiles, and helping international guests to connect well with staff and students.

Through a recent series of events that only He could orchestrate, God has made it so clear that He is leading me to this new ministry. Your continued support through prayer and financial giving is greatly appreciated. Care of Creation will forward all contributions that have been made on my behalf to Daystar through March 30th. Enclosed you’ll find information on how to redirect your regular giving and more information on Daystar University itself. You may also find more information at their website:

In looking at the immediate future, I will return to Kenya for two weeks in March to bring closure to my previous position and household. I need God’s continued grace and wisdom during the coming transition. I will also meet the Vice Chancellor of Daystar and some staff in Nairobi and begin a search for appropriate housing. Upon returning to the Twin Cities I will immediately begin working at the Daystar U.S. office. After a time of orientation here, I will move back to Nairobi permanently in mid June.

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Hoichi said...

Jan I'm so excited for you! It sounds like a great opportunity, and what a blessing that Care of Creation supports you in this change! I first learned about Daystar when I was working at Menno Travel, because we had an account with them and arranged flights for them to Nairobi. Blessings on you Jan, as you continue your dream of ministering to Kenyans.