Friday, August 8, 2008

“I just love Nairobi,”

I said just after arriving back from town this afternoon. “I have never heard anyone say that!” responded the gal working in the offices next to mine.

“I know,” I confirmed, “it’s dirty and smelly and full of traffic and pollution. I don’t love that stuff, but there are people and energy! Everything is close by, you can get things done. I love it.”

What I didn’t tell her is I have history and more importantly friends there. The people of Nairobi are so wonderful. I even felt this way when I lived there before.

I am keenly aware that it’s extraordinarily unusual to love Nairobi.

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Ed said...

Jan - I understand! A couple of years ago I was driving into Rawalpindi, Pakistan - a city that gives Nairobi a run for its money with noise, pollution, traffic - the whole business. The Pakistani who was riding with me sniffed the pungent air deeply, gave me a big grin, and said, "Ah, 'Pindi! I LOVE it!"

Keep the love! I understand...