Thursday, August 21, 2008

The 50/50 Rule

Way back when – the first time I came to Kenya I met a single gal who lived and worked in Nairobi for about two years. She gave me a bit of wisdom about this place that I have often depended on; the 50/50 rule. It is a way to deal with disappointment due to the way things go in this society.

It’s fairly simple whatever you plan to do, expect to get about 50% of it done. If you get half the things on your list accomplished, great! You should feel you really got something done. Of course, there are those fluky days when you get everything done, or almost everything – then you celebrate. You had a bonus day! If it’s less than 50%, well, it’s an average, so you shouldn’t worry and you should remember the bonus days.

Tracy and I went to town today in their Land Cruiser. Our list was simple: 1.) Go to immigration to find the man who can give us better information as so how to best appeal the type of work permit we are requesting for me. 2.) Stop at Toyota Kenya for fuel pump seals for my Rav 4 (they are leaking) 3.) Pay the difference on my auto insurance premium at Lion of Kenya Ins. 4.) Pick up Tracy’s boys along with the other kids in the carpool from Rosslyn Academy.

1.) The man we needed to talk with at immigration was in a meeting. But we got his correct name (with spelling) and the correct phone number to reach the offices there. 2.) Toyota Kenya needed one more set of number off the car (under the hood, which was up parked at the office) to order the part which will take 6 weeks to get to Kenya. 3.) I paid the insurance and have the receipt to prove it. 4.) We got the kids.

So half the list done and a little extra info for next time - to boot.

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Grace Lee said...

The 50/50 rule is in effect at my house,too.