Friday, December 7, 2007

lola bea

This is a little person I have known since her birth. In a couple of months she'll be three. I see her at least weekly and many weeks I see her two or three times.

Yesterday I arrived at her house and she said to me, "Who are you?" This is Lola Bea's advanced sense of humor. I replied, "You know who I am!" in a sing-songy manner as to communicate I was getting her joke.

Then she asked in her same inquisitive manner, "Are you the other Auntie Jan?" I could no longer keep a straight face. Others in the room starting laughing too.

I'm left to wonder, how do little people get so funny?


Waldemar Family said...

What a cutie!


Grace&Glory said...

Isn't it good to have little ones in our lives to remind us to laugh at small things and silly jokes and giggle at Nothing at all!