Tuesday, October 2, 2007

still floating

Yesterday I 'moved'. I was staying with a girlfriend and now I'm staying with a family. There are a number of reasons for the shift (as they'd say in Kenya). This new place is a great fit for me. I am tucked away in the attic and back in the neighborhood where my house and small group bible study and general life is happening. Once here, I wanted to let someone who cares about me know that I had settled into a nice nook for the rest of my (hopefully short) time in the States. So I thought of calling Mom. It only took a couple of moments to remember that Mom's not around anymore and hasn't been for over two years. But it made me realize that a long for some more structured things to be in my life during this time of transition. Of course I miss my mom. She was always so nurturing and reassuring. So it's understandable that I would think of her and wish to call her.
I take it as a sign of still floating...

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Waldemar Family said...

It was good to see you last night. I'm glad you are staying somewhere that meets your needs.

I guess we'll be doing that sort of floating until heaven, huh?