Sunday, May 25, 2014

Missing Dad for a change

Today I was taking a lady to visit her boyfriend – from one transitional care facility to another. They were both recovering from surgeries. I would guess her to be around 70. She was a bit chatty, though not loud enough to always hear over the bus noises. Before long I knew more about her and her health than I really care to know about any of my clients.

She told me as we approached the destination that her boyfriend would be waiting outside for her. There were several people outside so she pointed out which one he was. As I was unhooking her wheelchair I told her that he looked like a nice man. (I was sincere.) She affirmed that he was nice, very good to her. When I went down to open the lift I realized he looked a lot like my dad did in his later years with a salt and pepper mustache and his straight gray hair. He said to me, “I have something for you.” His girlfriend said, “He gives these to all the girls.” I protested, “No, no, I can't take gifts.” The man insisted.

He presented me with a small plastic ring that he had glued a dime to. “It's a dime 'n ring,” he exclaimed! “I make them and give them to all the girls.” I took the ring and smiled. It reminded me of my dad's friend, Herb who would stick a dime in a paper clip and tell me he had found a “dime 'n clip” today.

I folded the lift, filled out my paperwork and proceeded around the small complex to leave, but I found myself in tears thinking of my dad. I realized I gloss over the family members who are gone to protect myself from missing them too much.

Here's to Mom, Dad, and Lee this Memorial Day.

(Photo from 1991, Washington State)


Unknown Soldier said...

That is very sweet. Don't miss them too much, we're not here for long.






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