Sunday, March 18, 2012

Crazy Life

Starting classes in a rush – as in registering on a Friday and starting on a Monday (that was the first day of Spring Break), my dear ‘family’ arriving from 2 months on the read, and starting a part-time weekend job all at once conspired to keep me from writing on the blog at all. I knew it’d be less often, but I didn’t know it’d be this long before I got back to this.

I have now survived a few of the math class sessions, although the first one was very emotional. I realized somewhat after the fact that I am still in a huge transition with very little routine in my life, not a good recipe for healthy mental living for me. But since I’m starting to get a handle on studying again after 20 years out of school (not counting last year’s truncated start) and having worked a tiny bit now, I’m starting to settle back down. My ‘family’ hit the road again, (poor things – all got hit with a horrible stomach bug half way to their sister’s wedding in GA) so what do I do? Party!

Don’t tell them.

I had my small group over for dinner last Thursday. It’s really a large group. Being shy a couple of kids and some adults didn’t seem to really make it a small group. I enjoyed every minute of it. I love entertaining! The best part about having a small group dinner is that it doesn’t have to be fancy. Unlike throwing a shower, which I’m doing this evening: that takes a clean house and some decorating, and in my case, making a baby gift too.

Next entry, I’ll show you what I made. Thanks for praying by the way.

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