Monday, August 15, 2011

Addicted to Fresh Juice and Kefir Smoothies

I realize it’s been a while since I wrote here. For a while I was feeling like I don’t really have much to say. Now I’m busy and hardly have time to write. I hope to do more writing in the near future, especially of my recent trip to the North Shore.

About a week ago I borrowed a juicer from a friend and now I’m hooked. I start with three to four carrots; add an orange, an apple and a lemon. It’s unbelievably sweet and highly addictive, I’ve found.

If I want to get more filled up, say for breakfast, I throw a couple of frozen strawberries into the blender, add a banana, some of this fabulous carrot-fruit juice and some home-brewed kefir and voila! I may not go back to ice cream!

Lovin’ this new habit.


Josh Harper said...

...and it's a lot healthier than ice cream. If you do have a hankering for frozen treats, you might try putting your breakfast smoothie mix into an ice cream maker and see how it goes.

royal said...
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Snowbrush said...

You know, I finally got rid of my Champion Juicer, but this post makes me want to buy something to replace it.

Adrienne said...
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Adrienne said...

Hi Jan, I just came across your blog, and I thought that it was funny to read this post! I like to mix fresh Carrot juice and homemade Kefir- that sticks around awhile! And sometimes to make the meal stick longer, I'll eat a spoon of Coconut oil too. =)