Sunday, February 6, 2011


It’s interesting to think of how acculturated I have become and how much I’m not “African”.

Frank, my Congolese officemate, was lamenting about the slow internet at work the last week. I told him, “Welcome to Kenya, Bwana.” To which he replied, “I’m an American.” This statement was generated from his many years of living in the US. I think I retorted with something like, “And I’m a Kenyan.”

An American friend of mine that lives with a Kenyan family and does a lot more with lower income folks on an everyday basis wrote this blog entry that I could really resonate with.

See what I mean? My list might be a little different but it gives you the idea.

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Cheryl Mahn said...

The link was funny and I was pleased that I knew what she was talking about!