Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Looking for Where God is at Work

Monday sometime during the day my house was robbed. One item was missing. A small, (about 6" x9") lockable cash box. In it was everything of value to me in terms of important documents (and a significant amount of cash).

Several people were here during the day. No one has owned up to it. I'm looking for how God is at work in this situation. It is likely that someone I know took it which makes the whole incident challenging. Please pray with me that the Holy Spirit would so convict the individual that they would bring back my documents and confess. Pray I would have wisdom for dealing with it.

In the meantime it will take literally hours and days to replace the items and deal with the losses. I need to see how God is in that too. I will be meeting many new people through the process. I want to be light to them as I go follow the path of recovering documents.

Thanks for your concern. I'm fine otherwise.


Aunt N said...

Sorry for your news. I'm praying with you for God's provision in every way as you journey through yet another adventure of sorts. May He truly help you to be salt and light to all you encounter.

Tony Beach said...


I'm so sorry to read about this. It is certainly a challenging situation in many ways. We will pray that God will continue to give you grace and peace as you deal with the aftermath. I'm also praying that it will be returned soon.