Monday, January 26, 2009

The Lost Art of Writing

I have been pondering the fact that people really don’t write anymore. You might say, “What are you talking about? Everyone and their uncle have a blog these days.” Yes, there is a new ‘art’ forming there. But what I am talking about is the actual act of writing, with a pen and paper; letter, or note writing, or journaling.

A friend recently told me that I was so good at it. She meant actually writing, like sending notes to friends.

When we went through my mom's things over the holidays we came across some letters that my mom had written to my dad while they were engaged and Mom was on a cross-country trip. It’s amazing how personal and beautiful saying nearly nothing can be.

I think it’s an art form worth preserving.

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dark_poetry said...

hey, I totaly agree, In fact I'm writing an artical about how writing is being forgotten as an "art form". Which it is, but being are losing the artistic view of it.