Thursday, June 19, 2008

Getting into work – finally

Today I spend the morning in my office and the afternoon with a couple of guests from the US connected with a ministry in Nairobi. It was mainly a walking tour of the tree nursery and the Farming God’s Way plot.

Craig’s wealth of knowledge always astounds me. It is good to hear it all again. I have heard Craig several times, but I can never retain all the biblical references, and the vast knowledge of what the trees are good for and how different exotic species arrived here. As many times as I hear the increased crop yields for this special kind of farming, I still can hardly believe it. Craig has been using Farming God’s way for 19 months. He’s currently got his fifth crop in the ground, now they are getting something like 6 times (or more) what the average Kenyan gets! Just think of all the farmers in Kenya were increasing their yields by 5 or 6 times! The food prices might actually go back down!

More on Care of Creation Kenya as I get into the groove.


Fillequivoit said...

Do you use GMO seeds? I've seen some gains in African countries with their abilities to produce greater yields without deadly pesticides.

Colin and Brenda said...

Hi Jan
Great to see things are coming together.
You mention Farming God's Way - Colin was involved in something like that in Zim - does Craig know Brian Oldreive by any chance?

Waldemar Family said...

That's great news. I bet you are very happy to "get to work."